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Welcome to Tasty Recipez community site, where we aim to bring you the most succulent and delightfully looking recipes around.

No account is required to use our site, even when contributing your own recipes!

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:::: How to submit a recipe ::::

From the menu, you have two places you can go to upload a recipe to our site.  The image below highlights those locations with a red box.

Image credit:  Tasty Recipez

Once you click on one of those links, you will be taken to the Submit Recipe page.  Simply fill each of the boxes with the details of the recipe. All the ingredients and instructions go into the “Post Content” section.  Where possible please provide an image.  If you are using an image from another website, then please tell us where you got the image from.  This allows us to provide credit to the origin creator of a) the recipe and b) the image.

In order to reduce the volume of fake submissions and spam, we do ask people to supply they name and email address.  This also helps us query anything to do with your recipe you have submitted.


:::: How to submit an article ::::

As we are building a community here, we are more than welcome to have people write articles and submit them to the site. Of course, the articles do need to be regarding the topic of the website.  You can submit there using the same form as you would use to submit a recipe.   We will then review the article and publish it.


:::: Search for a recipe ::::

Tasty Recipez

Image credit:  Tasty Recipez

There are two locations you can search for recipes on the website.  The first is always at the top of the screen in the menu. The second location is in the sidebar.    You can see the images to see what these locations look like.


Tasty Recipez

Image credit:  Tasty Recipez


Both of the search areas will present you with live results.  Alternatively, you can just type in your word(s) and press enter, no need to wait for the auto results to pop up.


:::: How to use tags ::::

When we post a recipe or a user submits a recipe, we place it in a category.  But in order to allow it to show up under searching for other things, we include tags.  These tags can be simple things like “Easter, Valentines, Christmas, Eid, Cupcake, Birthday etc.   You just need to add those into the relevant box when submitting your recipe.   If you can think of any tags, don’t panic.   When we review the recipe, we will put in suitable ones where required.


:::: Like or share a recipe ::::

Tasty Recipez

Image credit:  Tasty Recipez


As we are trying to build up a wonderful community here, we would love for you to share the recipes on here with your friends.  We have added simple and easy to use social media icons around the site.  You just need to click on the image, login to your account and share the recipe or blog post you are reading.


Tasty Recipez

Image credit:  Tasty Recipez


You can also help us know which recipes you love, by using the Likes! system on each page.   If you love a particular blog postor recipe, give it a like.   using this information we will know which recipes everyone likes and we can go find more of them.



That is all from us at the Tasty Recipes team.


We hope you enjoy the site and help us to expand the community.


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